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Hardwood floors last long time

Today there are more wood flooring fashions to choose from than ever before. At last count there were over 1,000 species of wood, cork and bamboo floors available to you. The popularity of a wood floor is because of one thing – its design warmth! Wood is as cozy as it is practical. Wood is timeless. It never goes out of style. Wood floors last a long time which makes them an excellent investment. Whatever your décor design objectives are, the experts at Master's Flooring can help you discover the perfect wood floor for you. Because of the variety of species, colors, widths and installation techniques, you can create a custom work of art for your home.

Decorating with wide plank hardwood from Masters Flooring

Wide hardwood plank flooring is often associated with Colonial-era farmhouses or rustic cottages. There is no reason to keep it from being stylish in the homes of today. Virtually any aesthetic design can be complemented with the wide plank flooring that is available in so many construction, finish, species, color, and size options.

Size of wide plank hardwood

To be considered ‘wide plank,' the boards must be at least five inches in width. It is not unusual for the hardwood planks to be seven or eight inches wide, or even wider. The lengths of the planks also tend to be longer. The size of the planks creates a look that has fewer seams. The longer lengths and broader widths of wide plank hardwood gain distinction and drama over narrow floor strips. Single-width hardwood planks fit nicely in a contemporary environment. For a more rustic feel, use mixed width hardwood planks.

Hardwood plank species

The traditional domestic species like pine, hickory, walnut, maple and oak are versatile wide hardwood plank options. They complement most home furnishings and cabinetry. Exotic species have an excitement and richness that causes any space to ‘pop.' Wide hardwood planks show off the features of the species.

Hardwood plank finishes

Distressed and hand-scraped wide hardwood planks show scooping and denting reminiscent of boards carved by hand. They show a natural, gentle wear that includes nails, dents, and knots. However, the durable finish protects the floor and preserves the look.

Hardwood plank construction

Solid hardwood lasts for generations with the option to refinish it throughout its lifetime. It is not recommended for all rooms in a home. Engineered hardwood planks are less susceptible to expanding and shrinking and are more stable than solid hardwood planks. Wide hardwood planks should serve as the center piece of a space. The chosen width of individual hardwood boards dramatically influences the overall design and look of a floor. Masters Flooring has a showroom in Keller, TX that is visited by hardwood flooring customers from Colleyville, Forth Worth, Keller, North Richland Hills and South lake. They have a selection of hardwood planks in all of the widths, species, finishes, and construction cited here.

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