Wood floors
are warm, glamorous, and visually appealing and the central part of an interior design plan. They are the foundation of a room, setting the tone, so plank width is essential, whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring.

Wide hardwood planks

The wider, the better is the current trend. The standard size for wide planks is usually five inches or more, and we have an assortment of those widths. Wide planks can either make a room look large and airy by creating fewer visual breaks, or they can make a room look dark and small. Again, color plays a significant part: Light colors reflect and visually enlarge a room, while dark colors absorb light, making it seem smaller.

Knots, swirls, and grains are better seen with a wider floorboard, making it ideal for rustic decor, traditional or modern farmhouse styles. In addition, these planks impart an antique, historical look since wide hardwood plank flooring is mainly associated with Colonial-era farmhouses or rustic cottages.

Narrow plank hardwood

Generally, a plank is considered narrow if it measures between 2¼-inch and 3¾ -inches, and we also carry those widths. They give a room a modern, contemporary feeling, also working with a minimalist style.
Mixed width planks

Sometimes referred to as “random width,” designs are created with widths of all sizes, creating a look aligned with the tree's natural landscape and adding an earthy element to your space. Mixed width is unique and can reflect the personality and style of the owner. For example, it works exceptionally well in large rooms with high ceilings, where the floor might be obscured, and adds warmth to a cold, crisp room with contrast to what would otherwise be a one-dimensional color palette.

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