YES!  Engineered hardwood is the “real deal,” just like solid.

There aren't many differences between the ROI of these two products.

This product increases a home’s value in a few ways:  You’ll recoup 70% to 80% of your investment as seen in your property values.  Moreover, real estate sales associates took a survey among home buyers and 54% of the respondents said they pay more for a home with wood floors.

Third, there’s the visual appeal; these homes are just easier to sell.

The only difference is in the construction

Whether your taste ranges from classic or contemporary, there will be a style to suit your decor. Species, such as hickory, oak, and maple are available, as are matte, semi and high-gloss finishes with hand-scraping or brushing.

Here’s what’s different:  While solid hardwood is one big slab of wood throughout the plank, engineered consists of a slab at the top, with multiple layers of wood and other materials. 

They are all placed in a crisscross arrangement, and that makes the product more stable and better able to handle water.

As you may know, water is "public enemy #1" of solid.  Excess liquid can cause warping and cupping.  The wood also will shrink and expand to adjust to weather conditions, and that can be eliminated through the process of acclimation before installation.

Although acclimation is a fairly easy process, it doesn’t need to be thought of at all with engineered wood.  There’s also a little more versatility in where it can be installed although, like solid, it is not recommended for placement in the bathroom, which is a high-moisture, wet room.

Can it be refinished?

Yes, and the number of times depends upon the overall thickness of engineered hardwood.  Also depending on the thickness, these floors can carry a warranty of up to 25 years.

The care of engineered wood is the same as that of solid.  Wipe spills immediately.  Vacuum without beater bars (those hard rotating brushes).  Employ basic everyday rules, such as strategically placing mats or area rugs at entrances and in front of sinks; avoid wearing stilettos on the floor; use protective furniture pads to avoid scratching, and keep pet nails trimmed.

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