The main attraction of hardwood flooring is its natural beauty. It gives any room a warm and charming feeling and instantly up levels the atmosphere of your home. 

These floors come in various colors, patterns, and textures. You'll see that in our Bruce, Mullican, and more collections.  

Wood floors never go out of style and are versatile enough to work with any design. Keep in mind that you can always make your floor lighter or darker with stains.

Hardwood flooring adds value to your property

This is another big reason for their popularity. First, it's estimated that at least 70% to 80% of the cost of wood floors will be seen as an increase in your home value.  

Theoretically, a home valued at $300K could become $315K or higher. Second, potential buyers will often pay 2.5% more for a home with wood flooring.

Long-lasting beauty=cost effective

Hardwood flooring is so durable that it can last for decades. Occasionally, the floors may look worn, dull, or excessively scratched. 

Refinishing is usually all it takes to bring them back to luster unless there's structural damage. That is so whether it's solid or engineered wood flooring. 

This translates to little or no replacement costs. That makes them very cost-effective in the long term.
Easy care

Wipe spills immediately because water is a big enemy of wood. Sweep or dust mop every day, so dust and dirt won't embed and scratch. 
Vacuum once a week. Employ everyday routines like using mats and protective furniture pads or keeping pet nails trimmed. 
The area’s flooring source with exceptional value and workmanship 

For over 20 years, Masters Flooring has been delighting people with their choices. Let's make you happy, too, with your new hardwood flooring.

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