Before we do the solid vs. engineered hardwood comparison, let’s be clear about one thing: Both are considered “the real deal,” so both add value to your home. The only difference is the construction. While solid is a slab of one species all the way through, the engineered version is a layered construction, with each one placed in a different position.
This layout gives more stability and an ability to handle water better than solid hardwood, which can be irreparably damaged by excess water.
Veneer gives engineered wood the same rich, warm, and elegant look as solid hardwood, and it now enjoys a big share of the wood floor market.
The engineered product is:
Versatile: Solid, because of its inability to handle water, is limited in the rooms in which it can be installed; it’s best for living/dining/bedrooms, home libraries and the bedrooms. It’s never recommended for installation in baths, although it’s fine for powder rooms, or below grade levels.
Engineered, on the other hand, is appropriate for installation in any house grade levels. Most homes in Texas don’t have basements, but they do exist in some cases so as long as it’s dry, installation will be fine.
NOTE: Just because it handles water better that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. You still need to wipe spills immediately and not let it stand in pools and puddles of liquid.
Durable: Thicker is better. Solid hardwood is around 3/4 -inch thick so you want it to be comparable. (NOTE: Don’t fall for those bargain-basement prices, because it might be thin)
Hard: Both versions have a pretty good assortment of the hardest woods, such as exotics, maple, birch, and walnut, as well as some African and Indonesian exotics.
Returns value: Since this hardwood flooring is considered real, it is legally allowed to be marketed as such in real estate sales associates’ marketing tools. The reason we mentioned marketing tools is because sometimes people will pay over asking price for a home with these floors.
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