The answer to that question will depend upon your needs and style. Right now, the most commonly asked for are: hickory, cherry, maple, oak (both red and white), and walnut, but you're certainly not limited to those.

There are hundreds of species of hardwood floors available, but it involves more than just choosing the color and pattern that visually appeals to you. That means you should ask yourself some questions before beginning the shopping expedition.

What room will it be installed in?

That’s just one of the questions you should ask because a lot will depend on whether the room is large or small or sunny or dark. Keep in mind that dark colors, like a mahogany floor, are more traditional, but they’ll also make a small room look smaller.

Lighter colors are more contemporary and visually expand a space. Wood flooring is prone to fading with direct sunlight, but a lighter or medium tone will make that less noticeable.

Do you have extra durability issues? Don’t assume that just because something’s labeled a hardwood, it all has the same hardness level.

Check out the Janka hardness rating for hardwood; Hickory, at level 1290, is considered the hardest domestic species, while exotics (harvested from locations like Brazil and Indonesia) are the hardest of all. That’s not to say a less tough wood wouldn't be appropriate in some places, however.

What is your design style?

Do you like a wood that’s more subtle and quiet or one that's darker, more vibrant, and dramatic? Exotics are the latter. Also, do you like to see knots, raised grains, and swirls?

Knots are the very things that create unique patterns so if that’s your personal preference, think about: knotty pine, hickory, oak, especially white oak that has an abundance of grains, patterns, and knots, or cherry.

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