When it comes to appearance, there’s not much difference in style. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring has beautiful undertones, knots, swirls, raised grains, and wormholes. Engineered planks tend to be a little wider and often, but not always, come pre-finished. Popular species for both are oak, maple, walnut, hickory, and cherry.

Both hardwoods add value to the home and can be refinished. Engineered does have some practical aspects that make it more appealing for the consumer who seeks both aesthetics and function. That’s why this type of hardwood is exploding in popularity.

Engineered is stable and handles water better

This is because of the construction. While solid is one thickness throughout, this is layered. At the top sits the slice of genuine wood which gives it that classic beauty. Underneath are at least three layers, made up mostly of authentic wood but with a little resin added. Then they are placed crosswise so the fibers criss-cross, rather than lying parallel. This is what gives it that stability and ability to handle water.

Benefits created from engineering

This is what appeals to people most:

1.Engineered can be placed in any house grade level. Basements are rare in Keller, TX, but they do sometimes exist or are specially built. It can also go into some higher-than-normal moisture rooms where solid cannot. Best to ask your pro about this type of hardwood.

2.No acclimation is ever needed. A wood floor can shrink or contract to adjust to the weather. Acclimation eliminates this, but if that step is skipped it can result in cupping, crowing, or gaps. It's fine to skip this step with engineered.

Engineered installation is more flexible

Both have the tongue and groove pieces. Solid, however, must also be nailed or glued. With engineered, it's more like clicking the pieces together like a puzzle to form a mat; then it hovers over the existing subfloor. No glue, nails, or staples are needed.

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