As you browse the hardwood flooring line, you might consider which species are native to your particular area. There are various species native to the Keller, Texas region, and we want to tell you a little more about the flooring they can create in today’s post.

Hardwood flooring makes sense, primarily when locally sourced

Texas hardwoods are an excellent choice, with some of the best options available right in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. For instance, this locale is home to the Cathedral Oak, which provides a wealth of durable, dense, hard-wearing floors that could easily last a lifetime.

The Sycamore Tree is also native to the area and shares similar durability with mahogany. But its dark streaks and light wood are more reminiscent of maple.

You’ll love beautifully varied colors, and character marks found in Red Maple flooring, with colors ranging from gray, white to reds and browns. The grain pattern offers a curl or wave formation that creates a unique look for many rooms in your home.

The local Cottonwood Tree offers beautiful yellows, grays, and light browns but is a softer wood, which means you should keep it out of your busiest spaces. However, it’s easy to cut and rarely splits when nails are used.

Find the best wood flooring in our showroom

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