There's no reason why pets and hardwood flooring can't peacefully co-exist. The trick is following specific care requirements in line with your product.

First, know that water is the enemy of solid wood

That means to wipe spills immediately, whether or not you have pets. However, pet accidents can also be acidic, damaging the finish, so you will also want to use a wood cleaner.

Resisting scratches

Keep pet nails trimmed. Dogs dig, and cats often think anything is their scratching post.

But also consider finishes. Some, like some polyurethanes, are stronger than others.

Discuss your wood floors and pet residents with a flooring expert. They will advise you on the best finish to protect them.

How to hide dirt and imperfections

One good way to hide dirt and imperfections is to make sure the finish is a low sheen. That means a matte or satin.

They hide imperfections better. Glossy finishes highlight them.

Also, consider hardwood flooring with a strong grain pattern, such as red oak or hickory.

Not all wood floors are the same

Some are harder than others. For example, hickory is called the toughest domestic species.

White oak and maple follow closely. All exotic species are ultra-hard.

Consider pre-finished hardwood flooring

Engineered wood flooring, another version of hardwood, is always finished at the factory. Then, an ultra-strong product that can only be used in controlled conditions, like a factory, is applied.

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