Wood floors are fantastic floors adding stunning visuals and excellent durability. Hardwood has one of the most extensive lifespans of the flooring industry. The question is, How do you maintain it?

Simple flooring maintenance tips

When you vacuum, do so regularly and remove the beater bars. If you do so consistently, then there will be no buildup of excess dirt and debris, which can act like sandpaper against your floor. Sweeping can do the same as a vacuum to remove the dirt.

If you have decided to mop, there are a few things to remember. Choose a cleaner that is specifically for wood floors. Make sure that it also matches the finish that you have on the floor. If you have the wrong chemicals, it can cause a haze or dim your finish a great deal.

Once in a while, you may want a deeper clean. Take four cups of water and a few drops of Castile soap. Wring the mop very well. If you do polish the floor, wipe it up thoroughly so there is no excess liquid. Whatever you do, don't use bleach.

Use runners and area rugs, especially in the hallways and entryways. This will help trap dirt and dust that comes in from the outside of your home. They can also catch dampness that can harm your hardwood. You also may want to use placemats and protective furniture pads. If the floor becomes exceedingly scratched, you may want to refinish your wood flooring. Consult us!

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