Generations of homeowners have brought a touch of sophistication to their homes by installing hardwood flooring. This floor covering is practical too. Wood is easy to keep clean, and it doesn’t harbor allergens and dirt. It can be expected to last a lifetime, and further, it can be refinished whenever it begins to look worn. Masters Flooring is a hardwood flooring retailer that has been offering exceptional value, workmanship, and reliability in the Fort Worth, Texas, area for over 20 years. You can find a big selection of hardwood and other floor coverings in our showroom in Keller, Texas.

Prefinished wood

Two types of prefinished wood flooring are available. Prefinished solid hardwood is milled from a single piece of wood, and the finish treatment is applied at the factory. High-quality brands are typically backed by warranties of 25-years or more. Engineered hardwood flooring is produced from a thin layer of solid hardwood that is bonded to a particleboard or plywood core. This type of flooring can be used in a basement if it is installed with a moisture barrier. Most engineered wood floors can be refinished like solid wood floors, but not as many times. Typically, both types of prefinished flooring are installed by connecting planks together to float over the subfloor.

Unfinished wood

The complexity of installation is one of the main differences between solid unfinished and prefinished wood. Traditionally, new hardwood floors were finished in the home.  It takes about a week for installers to sand, stain, and seal the floor. Acclimation also takes about a week. When the installation is complete, the floor has a different appearance than a factory-finished floor. It has a flush, not a beveled look. Seams are sealed, making the floor more water-resistant and easy to clean. Usually, boards are nailed to the subfloor. Unfinished wood is best for new construction and major upgrades.

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