Remember that hardwood flooring needs are individual. Everyone has their style, color preference, and requirements.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you find suitable wood floors.

First, explore the design pages to see different styles

What attracts you? Do you prefer something more subtle, or do you have a flair for the bold and dramatic?

Do you like patterns, knots, grains, and swirls? Do you prefer textures or smooth surfaces?

Second, look at your lifestyle

A large family with kids and pets will need a tougher wood than a small, quiet one. Not all hardwood is the same.  

Tell our experts when shopping for hardwood flooring in Keller, TX. They will guide you to the right strength.

Budget is also a significant consideration; they include not just products. Be sure to factor in the product and installation, upkeep, and accessory costs.

Third, describe the room in which it’s to be installed

Is your room in a higher-than-normal moisture area? If so, you will want to explore engineered wood floors. The look is similar to solid, but the construction is different. This results in a floor that’s more stable and better able to handle water.

Is the space small and dark or large and airy? That can affect your color choice; remember, light colors make the room appear visually larger. On the other hand, dark floors in a small, cluttered space can be gloomy.

Fourth, what’s your home’s overall style?

While nothing needs to be an exact match, it does need to harmonize. You'll want your home to have a cohesive look.

Your area’s hardwood flooring experts

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