Hardwood flooring has been synonymous with sophisticated home decor for generations. Many of the finest nineteenth-century homes in the country, such as the Ball-Eddleman-McFarland House in Fort Worth, showcase wood flooring along with opulent furnishings and accessories. You can’t go wrong by selecting this floor covering for your home. It’s durable, and it complements any room decor. It’s also appreciated by home buyers, which is a definite plus when it is time to sell your home. Altogether, they can absolutely add value to your home, and we would love to tell you why!


Hardwood does more than elevate room decor. Likely, this elegant flooring will raise the value of your home, although other factors like overall home condition and neighborhood location are important too. While surveys have shown that hardwood flooring can increase a home's value by about 2 percent, common-sense considerations can be just as telling. If hardwood floors are the norm in your neighborhood or your area, homebuyers may expect to pay less for your home if it does not have hardwood flooring.


Wood species are numerous, and they vary from traditional hardwoods like maple and oak to interesting exotic hardwoods like tigerwood and African Padauk, which changes color over time. You can find many types of wood flooring at Masters Flooring in Keller, Texas. Before visiting the showroom, it's a good idea to browse through our online product catalog to get an idea of the wide variety of colors, grains, and styles that are available. Also, textures like hand-scraped and wire-brushed, are popular.


There are practical, as well as aesthetic, reasons that motivate buyers to pay more for a home that has hardwood flooring. For starters, the flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and it holds up well in an active household. Since hardwood does not harbor dust or allergens, it promotes a healthy home environment. It can be refinished, rather than replaced if it begins to look worn. With proper care, it will last the life of the home.

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