There are many details to consider when you are decorating a room. For example, hardwood floor color influences the appearance and ambiance of the space. Thus, it's essential to choose the right color to achieve the look you desire. For example, you can contrast a dark-colored floor with light-colored furniture and accessories to create an inviting family room. Or you can match room elements to create a trendy all-white kitchen. Whether you choose contrasting or matching decor, Masters Flooring in Keller, Texas, has the flooring that is perfect for your home improvement project.


Scratches are more evident in a dark wood, although a satin finish can reduce the look of imperfections. Dark hardwood absorbs sunlight, meaning it's not prone to fading. In addition, dark wood hides dirt well, but dust and pet hair can be pretty visible. Thus, a light floor may need to be vacuumed less frequently. As for resale, light wood is more timeless and traditional.


You want to create a comfortable, functional room that has a cohesive and well-balanced look. Keep in mind that, fundamentally, light-colored hardwood flooring gives a room an expansive look. In contrast, dark wood tends to make a room appear smaller than its actual size. In addition, light wood offers an aura of refinement, while dark wood presents an air of drama and luxury.

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