Because prospective buyers will often pay 2.5% more for a home with wood floors, it's an excellent choice for those who participate in house flipping. House flipping is a kind of real estate investment strategy where one buys a property at a low price and then sells it quickly at a higher one, increasing profit margins.

Hardwood flooring is a classic option

Realtors also have widespread worry about making bold color and remodeling changes because everyone has different tastes, turning off a protective buyer. A wood floor eliminates that concern because, whether they're solid hardwood or engineered wood floors, they’re classic, timeless, work with virtually any decor, and have a natural beauty that everyone loves.

Why does everyone love a wood floor?

Hardwood flooring
adds warmth and charm to any space, instantly elevating a home. With the wide assortment of stains and finishes, it's possible to make the floors as light and dark as you want, and if you change your decor, there are no worries; sand them and stain another color. 

Textures are trending hot this year, and you can get a range from smooth to wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed.

Long-lasting beauty

One of the most significant benefits for the permanent house resident and the flipper who wants to sell at a higher price is that they last for decades. Solid has endured for 100 years, while the engineered lifespan is almost 50. Both can be sanded and refinished, so unless there's structural damage, that is all it takes to bring them back to their original luster. That translates to little or no replacement costs.

When shopping for hardwood flooring in Keller, TX

You'll find a complete inventory of both solid and engineered hardwood in oak, maple, hickory, and birch with a variety of color tones, textures, and finishes. In addition, we carry hardwood flooring brands you know and love, such as Mohawk, Mullican, BPI Floors, Bruce, and Johnson. Visit our showroom today for a free wood floor quote. In Keller, TX, we service Keller, North Ridgeland Hills, Colleyville, Fort Worth, and Southlake, TX. Visit our showroom today for hardwood flooring in Keller, TX.