Yes, and textures are what make your hardwood flooring stand out and define your style. They add warmth, charm, highlight, and accent. You see them not only on authentic hardwood but also vinyl and laminate, which echo wood flooring. Textures highlight and accent or add warmth, charm, and uniqueness to grain while hiding scratches, animal fur, and dust. They even increase durability because the finish will move with the wood instead of cracking when a heavy item is dropped on the surface.

The most common hardwood flooring textures

Right now, wood textures are trending more than ever. The most common ones are smooth, which is classic and timeless. It highlights the grain and is what you’ll see mainly in traditional floors. Woods like oak and hickory are considered "ring-porous," and an open grain texture highlights their large pores, making the surface a little rough. They eventually create gorgeous small peaks and valleys that stand out even more when stained a dark color.

Wire-brushed means the wood planks get scraped with a steel brush to open the grain and remove the top soft portion. This leaves the hardest part of the wood, revealing a subtle scuffed effect. Wire-brushed is warm and natural, showing contrasts in color while also hiding daily wear and tear.

Hand-scraped gives an antique, aged, artisan-like quality, adding the charm of days gone past. Distressed (weathered) floors highlight the imperfections, making the surface look aged. You often see these in barn-door looks.

What if I have a wood look, rather than genuine wood?

You can still get textured appearances. Wood looks, such as luxury vinyl plank or wood-look laminate, are both deeply embossed. Technology hat gives the floors depth, dimension, and textures, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed. These products are realistic echoes of natural wood and follow all current industry trends.

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